Monday, June 15, 2009

Thanks to our wonderful volunteers we managed to plant ~ 45 viburnum, elderberry, wiegelia, butterfly and arbor vitae bushes, ~ 10 oak & blue spruce trees and a few flats of joe pye weed and ironweed at Intrepid Pond last Saturday.

It was a tough job digging the holes, since the ground was dry and hard as rock. Nevertheless, our volunteers persevered and managed to get the job done by about 1pm.

As we finished mulching and spreading wood chips a number of killdeer birds arrived at the pond and screeched at us to hurry up and be gone. A 10-inch bullfrog jumped around the inlet pipe and grumbled (at us or the birds?).

Although a few of us had some sore muscles & blisters afterwards, the aches will be forgotten as we enjoy a healthier pond, the vegetation and some shade there in future years.